Restaurants in Georgia

There are around 7,300 restaurants listed in Georgia. Top cities in Georgia with most restaurants are Atlanta (636), Savannah (382), Macon (340), Augusta (309), Columbus (308), Athens (251), Marietta (178), Warner Robins (173), Alpharetta (128), Duluth (121).

Georgia Cities with Restaurants

There are 645 cities listed in Georgia with various businesses. Out of them, there are 325 cities with restaurants that are listed bellow. Click on a city name from the following list to find out restaurants listed in that particular city. You may use the search box on top of the city list to filter out specific cities from the list. Just type in a part of the city name in the box.

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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 5 reviews submitted by visitors on various restaurants in Georgia.

  • Frankie's Italian Ristorante and Pizza

    on 9/12/2016

    This place served my best friend food that tasted horrible, as if something was spoiled, molded, or at the very least, NOT the way it should have tasted if it were actually freshly prepared. After returning the item a second attempt was made at selecting an entree that was acceptable to eat. After a single bite, the second dish also had the same spoiled or "rotten" flavor that wasn't only off putting, it made the food seem unsafe to consume. The second meal was returned. Management insisted she still MUST pay for the inedible meals. When payment was refused, the police were called. So, Frankies got their money for the garbage they call "Italian food", but the also proved without a doubt just how little they care about customer satisfaction. No wonder this place is ALWAYS empty and ALWAYS has a now hiring sign outside. They obviously have "operational issues", to put it nicely. Had we the forethought to do so, we'd have collected a sample of both the offending meals to be forwarded to food safety professionals for testing. I will never return and will absolutely discourage everyone I know from wasting their time or spending their money there! I've worked in foodservice my entire life and NEVER have I been employed for anyone, NOT ONE, who would force a customer to pay for something that was 100% unacceptable and potentially dangerous to their health.

  • Burger King

    on 4/30/2016

    I was standing in line and the old red headed lady she was the manager I guess she was very rude to her employees and one of her guests told me she's always rude to people and her staff . my thoughts what a waste of management I will never return to this place she made me so angry I hate to see people get mistreated !!! There was 2 managers on duty the other gentle man manager he was really nice and he apologized for her rudeness.

  • McDonald's

    on 8/1/2015

    They had flies everywhere. the employees were taking their own time getting the orders done. they had creeps there and it was very hot in their.

  • Sonic Drive-In

    on 3/8/2015

    Horrible customer service. Looooong wait times even when no other customers around. They've lost my business.

  • Red Lobster

    on 11/1/2014

    Terrible food quality, lobster bisque water down to save cost, grilled shrimp is first water boiled then just for look put on grill which got the smell of grill. The service was even worse, the manager never stopped or care to know why the food was returned. Don't waste your time and money, there is a reason Red-lobster was dropped by Darden.