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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 5 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses .

  • Efficiency Lodge of Columbus Inc

    on 9/25/2016

    I stayed in this roach motel and i hated it! Management is terrible and so much noise in the parking lot. would not send reccomendstions for this place.

  • Frankie's Italian Restaurant

    on 9/12/2016

    This place served my best friend food that tasted horrible, as if something was spoiled, molded, or at the very least, NOT the way it should have tasted if it were actually freshly prepared. After returning the item a second attempt was made at selecting an entree that was acceptable to eat. After a single bite, the second dish also had the same spoiled or "rotten" flavor that wasn't only off putting, it made the food seem unsafe to consume. The second meal was returned. Management insisted she still MUST pay for the inedible meals. When payment was refused, the police were called. So, Frankies got their money for the garbage they call "Italian food", but the also proved without a doubt just how little they care about customer satisfaction. No wonder this place is ALWAYS empty and ALWAYS has a now hiring sign outside. They obviously have "operational issues", to put it nicely. Had we the forethought to do so, we'd have collected a sample of both the offending meals to be forwarded to food safety professionals for testing. I will never return and will absolutely discourage everyone I know from wasting their time or spending their money there! I've worked in foodservice my entire life and NEVER have I been employed for anyone, NOT ONE, who would force a customer to pay for something that was 100% unacceptable and potentially dangerous to their health.

  • Burger King

    on 9/8/2016

    Looking back through my photos I found some I had taken a while back, and I forgot to write this up, better late than never... Worst service, food, and experience in fast food ever. The kid taking my order sounded (and acted/looked as I pulled around) high and barely functioning, and after taking my order asked us to pull up and wait because the fries were being made fresh. 8 minutes later the food was brought out. We lived about 1 minute away, so after checking the order we just headed home to eat. Cold soggy fries, and a whopper (which I was introducing my wife to for the first time, building it up) that was not only cold, but just a couple pieces of the bagged lettuce you get at the store and what looked like 2 tiny slices of roma tomato. NOT the Whopper I grew up with and loved. After 2 bites and snapping a couple photos it went in the trash along with the fries. I filled out the customer survey on the receipt regarding the experience, being genuinely concerned that BK had changed so much in the past year with the ingredients and quality. I didn't want free food, I just wanted to know if this was company wide or just that location using sub-standard ingredients to save money, which should be addressed. I answered "yes" when asked if I wanted a manager to contact me, leaving my email and phone number. Nothing. I never received any response. Very disappointed that I may never go to BK, or try Whopper again, as it was my favorite fast food sandwich growing up.

  • Park Avenue Apartments & Townhomes, LLC

    on 8/19/2016

    The apartment itself is fine, no bugs but a little dark. The real issue is management. I have lived in many, many different apartments and this one is by far the worse in management. They never gave us a lease at all in the year we lived there. Then charged us an extra month, a cleaning fee coming into the apartment and at the end of the lease. It is only one lady in charge to do everything so she even complained when I wanted to meet her in person. All of our complaints were 'non-urgent' therefore she never addressed them. It is too bad because the area is quiet and clean but it is not worth the pain of dealing with management. I would definitely not recommend this apartment.

  • Gunderson's Jewelers

    on 7/25/2016

    Love my wedding ring! My husband did so well!