Veneto Italian Grill (Closed)

  (5 reviews)
Category: Restaurants - Italian

8500 Highway 6 North
Houston, Texas - 77095

This restaurant is permenently closed.

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User Reviews

We have received the following 5 reviews on Veneto Italian Grill.

  •   by
    on 12/11/2014

    Was a great place, but now closed!

  •   by
    on 8/2/2014

    Don't know why I didn't try it sooner; I've passed it up hundreds of times! I found it to be pretty tasty. Interestingly, I don't really like the spaghetti (it's just average/okay), but I LOVE the chicken and fish dishes. And the desserts are just plain delicious. I appreciate that they consistently make something off-menu to accommodate my picky eater. We've been there about 10 times now. Service has been consistently good. I really have no complaints. I thoroughly enjoy it.

  •   by
    on 8/20/2013

    The steak was WOW. The Stewart was hy speed, low drag on fresh Parmasion and ground pepper. And as for the calamari and mussels.......... They should have charged way more for such great food.

  •   by
    on 7/20/2013

    DO NOT GO HERE! SCROLL DOWN FOR HORRID MANAGEMENT EXPerIENCE! I have been to this restaurant three times and the food was bad each time. I returned two more times because it's such a beautiful restaurant and great location, I was hoping it would improve. Here was our experience: -Calamari: average. -Ceasar and house italian dressing- wonderful. Seriously amazing. -Bellini- tasted like a watered down peach margarita and was super small. Overpriced at $4. -Egglant parm- GROSS! Never seen my husband turn away food before. I tried it also and spit it out. Soggy, bland, NOT ITALIAN! DO NOT ORDER! -Veal, substitute alfredo for marinara- the waitress told us that the marinara sauce was out of a can. The veal tasted like a Jenny Craig frozen meal with extra salt. The alfredo was bland, no taste at all. TGIF has way better alfredo sauce...and I DO NOT like chain restaurants. Now, the waitress was perfectly nice, although not very professional. She didn't return to our table for a very long time and when she did, she told us that someone was caught stealing CO2 cans and the owner/manager was giving the staff a lecture. After she charged us full price for food we BARELY touched, we asked nicely to speak to the manager. The server warned us that the manager "might be rude." AND BOY WAS HE! The first thing he asked us was "what we suggested he do about it." We asked that he comp a meal and he responded, "That's just not the way to do it." My husband, who has 12 years of experience in food service, was able to remain calm. I had to walk out after he asked me why I kept returning to his restaurant. After about 15 minutes, I walked back to the front door where the waitress apologized profusely and said she only worked there because she was desperate for a job. We ended up paying for the salad, bread, alfredo and drinks. Food is probably microwaved, but DISGUSTING customer service from the management. Just imagine how horribly this man treats his employees!

  •   by
    on 12/9/2012

    me and my husband pulled into a parking spot and found out later why all the people were outside lined up on hwy 6 for a christmas parade...this lady walked up to our door and said we couldn't park there that it was for her customers....we had not ate and were looking at the place to eat there. As we told here we were going to go in and eat she said, " I know you all are lying" ...we were shocked. I later called to complain and foud out she was the wife of tge owner, asked ger uf it was her outside telling us nit to park...she said yes....i mentioned she was rude...she then hung up on me...called her back.. she said she didn't have time to listen. It was the most unexpected rudness we have ever experienced....and we never got a chance to walk in. We ended up going to McDonalds that night. My husband was always curious about the plac, now he said you could pay him to eat there. sign your neighbors

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