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There are over 13,500 businesses listed in Illinois. Top cities in Illinois with most businesses are Chicago (2,752), Decatur (342), Springfield (231), Rockford (217), Peoria (188), Naperville (156), Champaign (155), Schaumburg (144), Joliet (128), Bloomington (124).

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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 4 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses in Illinois.

  • Burger King

    on 6/19/2018

    AWFUL. Here is what i wrote to the company because of how bad the food was. I have never even done this before but it was warranted. "Purchased a meal today from your shorewood, il location. Two chicken sandwiches and a large fri. Store was not busy and service was friendly. On the otherhand the food was miserable to eat. The fries were fresh but the sandwiches clearly were not. Both by appearance and taste i Know that these sandwiches had been sitting for quite sometime. Maybe even premade because you could tell the lettuce and tomato were soggy and warm as if they had been on the sandwich for awhile. The meat portion of the sandwich was in no way crispy and almost rubbery along with visually burnt appearance. I snapped a few photos too If your would like. I not a fan of complaining and almost can not stand when people do over petty issues but I truly felt after a day of hard work simply having a meal that is not stale that I paid for is not hard to ask. I have the receipt if you had any doubt to the validity of the transaction. Would like to hear back some of your feedback about what you do to handle this situation. Not a satisfied customer in this situation but I hope my feedback helps your business. who ever reads this thank you for your time too." Yeah never heard back either. Waste of money and time

  • Taco Bell

    on 5/30/2016

    I am sadden to have to write this post...My husband and I had a very bad encounter at the Taco Bell (1707 S Neil St) in Champaign IL. it all started with my husband going to the drive thru on 05/28/2016 around 10pm to pick up dinner after work. He pulled up and the woman working the drive thru asked if he was ready to place his order...He asked for a few moments to look over the menu and she said order when ready. So after a couple of seconds he said he was ready to order...there was no reply on the other end. Another five minutes when by and still he was unable to place an order...or have any communication with the woman working the drive thru. So, he called the store and told the person that answered the phone that he had been now sitting in the drive thru for 10 minutes trying to place and order...and the woman said to him... "I TOLD YOU TO WAIT!" At this point he asked to speak to the manager...She told him to pull up to the he did... The lady then proceed to tell him that she was the manager. My husband said that this is bad customer service and all he wanted to do was place an order and there was no need to be rude. At the time the associate said to him, "that's your opinion." closed the window and refused service. This is when I called the store and asked for the store manager's name. I was called a stupid a number of derogatory names...all climaxing to being called the "N" word, and having her hang up on me. I do have the store manager's name, the district managers name and the regional managers name. I will never again eat at Taco Bell

  • Best Rest Inn

    on 3/7/2015

    BED BUGS I had to get up sleep in chair. There is no refund after check in. I would not recommend this hotel. Dirty towels left in bath. Refrigerate need defrosting badly. pillow case's badly worn out. Go somewhere else or sleep in your car.

  • La Salle Flowers

    on 1/29/2015

    BUYER BEWARE - DO NOT SHOP HERE HORRIBLE PLACE & Despicable customer service. I purchased flowers online for my sister, when they arrived they looked nothing like the picture online. I sent them an email with a photo side by side of what it should look like and what they sent. They emailed back and said there was nothing they could do for me. I called and spoke with Lupe she said if they made another one it would look the same. I asked them why the online arrangement had 3 roses and they only sent me 1 she didn't answer me. I asked why they added daises as a cheap filler flower when online it said I would get: Light pink roses, white asiatic lilies, alstroemeria, cushion spray chrysanthemums and statice. She said the lily they sent was a better quality so it all worked out???? They have horrible customer service I am a very unhappy customer and they did nothing to make it right. The photos online looks NOTHING like what they sent and they said we can't make it look like that, I paid for at least 3 roses and they only sent one, they use subpar flowers but make you pay for the real thing. I work for a non-profit and for these people to hustle people who have no money and make them pay over $60 for a 1 rose arrangement is despicable. DO NOT SHOP HERE they are horrible people.