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There are over 5,800 businesses listed in Louisiana. Top cities in Louisiana with most businesses are New Orleans (1,050), Baton Rouge (462), Shreveport (307), Lafayette (279), Metairie (262), Lake Charles (170), Monroe (136), Bossier City (128), Kenner (123), Alexandria (116).

Cities in Louisiana

There are 487 cities listed in Louisiana with hotels, restaurants, gift shops, car rentals, travel agencies or other businesses of interest. Click on a city name bellow to find out businesses listed in that city. You may use the search box on top of the city list to filter out specific cities from the list. Just type in a part of the city name in the box.

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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 2 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses in Louisiana.

  • The Shanty Too

    on 9/10/2018

    Fabulous shop. Really a genuine local store, not a tourist trap! Shop is almost 50 years old and is in a building more than 100 years old that was once a Ford car showroom. Too many great things to list. Must be visited to be believed. Owners have lived in the area for decades and are very knowledgable about local history.

  • Nifty Car Rental #3

    on 2/23/2017

    Mr. Steve and his team at Nifty were so helpful and nice. They have great personalities and were professional from beginning to the end. Always cheerful and full of smiles. I have had two cars with them. Both cars were great and smooth rides. I will definitely recommend them! Thanks again Mr. Steve for helping me out, especially since you were my first experience with rental cars! 😀