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There are over 15,000 businesses listed in Tennessee. Top cities in Tennessee with most businesses are Nashville (2,275), Memphis (2,263), Knoxville (1,098), Chattanooga (651), Murfreesboro (482), Johnson City (419), Franklin (416), Kingsport (351), Gatlinburg (265), Pigeon Forge (244).

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There are 560 cities listed in Tennessee with hotels, restaurants, gift shops, car rentals, travel agencies or other businesses of interest. Click on a city name bellow to find out businesses listed in that city. You may use the search box on top of the city list to filter out specific cities from the list. Just type in a part of the city name in the box.

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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 3 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses in Tennessee.

  • Gifts For Memories

    on 10/12/2017

    If you want to get away from the crowded street this mall is a nice quiet place to walk around... We stopped at this Harry Potter place that's what my kids told me the name was and is located on the second level and has really cool Harry Potter Jewelry,Magical Wands, Anime stuff, Magnets and Stickers. I really recommend this place for all Harry Potter Fans P.s. "Gifts For Memories" Store Name.

  • Highway 56 Motel

    on 8/17/2015

    Not bad for the price & when u have no where else to go. Pet friendly! But it's falling apart & there are bed bugs & roaches that they do nothing about except blame the person/people getting bit!! It's a last resort dump!

  • Burger King

    on 4/19/2015

    I've been on a hiatus from fast food for a while but unfortunately I still eat it every so often. I've been to this Burger King a few times in the past 7 months and every time I come the place is just dirty. The staff is friendly so that's a plus but the floor is always dirty, tables aren't wiped, and the soda machine is the worst!! It was so dirty I was wondering about the quality of soda coming out of it. Burger was barely warm along with the chicken nuggets.