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There are around 13,000 businesses listed in Washington. Top cities in Washington with most businesses are Seattle (2,439), Bellevue (778), Spokane (679), Vancouver (573), Tacoma (565), Everett (343), Bellingham (338), Olympia (312), Lynnwood (249), Redmond (240).

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There are 516 cities listed in Washington with hotels, restaurants, gift shops, car rentals, travel agencies or other businesses of interest. Click on a city name bellow to find out businesses listed in that city. You may use the search box on top of the city list to filter out specific cities from the list. Just type in a part of the city name in the box.

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Recent Reviews

Following are the latest 3 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses in Washington.

  • Subway

    on 8/15/2020

    My wife and myself was totally disgusted about the overall food at this subway. We ordered the same items we had at the last subway.. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!!! The salad was a quarter of the size and was very bland. My wife's sandwich tasted as it was very old bread and meats. The establishment was dirty. We should have turned around and left the place. This is my very first resturant review and I am 66 years old. You lost us as customers.

  • Motel International

    on 4/13/2015

    These people are amazing, they helped me out in so many ways. They are the most caring people and actually care about others and not just about making money like other hotels do. And somehow it ended being the cheapest motel in whatcom county, and the nicest one in blaine. Rory and his are more than great people. you just dont see people like this anymore.

  • Jack in the Box

    on 2/13/2015

    My mom, sent my brother to get food, what he got was terrible service, and rudeness. When she called to complain she didn't get any satisfaction from the woman she talked to. She was so upset she wanted to drive back up, but it was to late in the night, the lobby would be closed. He wasn't offered sauces, he had to ask for them, then had to ask for a few more, which the guy through them across the counter to him. My brother is disabled not stupid, every one who comes in should be treated with respect. Customers pay your wages in a manner of speaking. Being nice and wearing a smile is a part of your uniform. If you treat people by what they look like or talk, that is wrong, don't judge, your there to serve and keep customers coming back, right?