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There are around 11,000 businesses listed in Wisconsin. Top cities in Wisconsin with most businesses are Madison (1,127), Milwaukee (877), Green Bay (403), Appleton (390), Eau Claire (314), La Crosse (276), Wisconsin Dells (270), Brookfield (211), Kenosha (190), Racine (181).

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There are 768 cities listed in Wisconsin with hotels, restaurants, gift shops, car rentals, travel agencies or other businesses of interest. Click on a city name bellow to find out businesses listed in that city. You may use the search box on top of the city list to filter out specific cities from the list. Just type in a part of the city name in the box.

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Following are the latest 2 reviews submitted by visitors on various businesses in Wisconsin.

  • McDonald's

    on 7/25/2015

    So I Went Into McDonald's On North Ave Cause Usually They Have Good Service In The Afternoon But I Guess Not Today When I Went In There There Was This Lady On The Phone Then Another Women Doing Something I'm Standing Here Waiting Then A Young Man With a Unusual Voice (Girly Kinda ) Gave me My Service, He Was Excellent and Very Friendly To Me Apologize For The Wait He Was Bussy Cleaning Out Front But He Was Good and He Smile So Nice and He Gave Me Great Service, I Hope Next Time When I Come In I Wont See People On The Phone & People Just Standing Around . But The Food Was Good. :)

  • Jade Garden

    on 4/30/2015

    I was called a lying horrible customer because I wanted to return my order that was wrong for the second time! I loved Jade garden when we first started eating there a little over a year ago. Then after a couple of months of getting take out a couple of times a month the food started to go down. I received uncooked chicken once but didn't complain since it was a first time thing. Then I had another experience with my food take 40 mins when it was supposed to take 20, the staff informed me after it came out that they had to remake it and thats why it took so long instead of informing me while i was waiting. Then I always get Chicken lo mein with no onions and a couple times in a row there was onions in it. So i finally called and just submitted my complaint with the manager. He said he put a credit on my account for it and I'm welcome to come in and get the right order anytime. When I tried a couple weeks later there was no credit. Then after some convincing because they got a new computer system and a bunch of stuff was lost that they may have lost my credit they said they would give it to me. Then I when I picked it up I got home and saw it was fried rice instead of lo mein. I called immediately and the Hostess told me thats what I originally said and she wasn't going to do anything about it. Later I called to talk to the supervisor who would not release his title or name to me at first eventually he said he was the owner Jake and he stated there is no credit on my account and they gave me that free food and I'm a lying horrible customer. That his staff was right and that I said fried rice not lo mein. He also said he doesn't care to loose my business my fiance and I give him at least twice a month because once again I'm a lying horrible customer and then he hung up on me.